Worth Discussing

Despair and Change

By Fred Barnes | The Weekly Standard
September 17, 2012

President Obama has had four years to fix the economy, and it’s not his fault he’s failed so far. He’s tried very hard, and he’s made some headway. But the task is so great that no one, not even FDR or Bill Clinton, could have done any better than he has. Thus, on effort and good intentions alone, Obama has earned four

A Bump Worth the Worry?

By Jim Geraghty | National Review Online
September 11, 2012

So why did President Obama roar out of the Democrats’ national convention in Charlotte with a sudden, seemingly solid lead in the tracking polls?

Resurgent Republic Survey Coverage

September 11, 2012

Resurgent Republic released our most recent survey at the start of convention week in Tampa. In addition to the presidential ballot results, several message points garnered wide media coverage during both the Republican and Democratic conventions.

All Eyes Turn to Tampa

By Luke Frans | Resurgent Republic
August 22, 2012

As all eyes turn to Tampa next week, Resurgent Republic will travel to the Sunshine State and kick off convention week with a fresh look at the political landscape.  

GOP advice on Medicare: Attack

By Emily Schultheis | Politico
August 18, 2012

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan say that they welcome a debate about the federal budget and their plans to reform Medicare.

Rove: The GOP's Medicare Advantage

By Karl Rove | The Wall Street Journal
August 15, 2012

Predictably, Democrats went after Mitt Romney's new running mate immediately, describing Paul Ryan as a "certifiable right-wing ideologue" whose views are "extreme" and "radical." They focused on Medicare, warning that Republicans "would end Medicare as we know it," making it "a voucher

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